Love and Marriage– Do They Actually Fit Today?

The old song of love and marital relationship fitting like a horse and carriage may be cute, but does it really suggest anything in today’s society? Do you really need to have love in a relationship in order to marry, and do you need to marry if you love someone?

The “Cleaver” concept of household and home securely put love and marriage together in a rose-tinted cameo of how a happy life ought to be. Love and marriage don’t have to go together– and with the more open society we live in accepting that we are totally free to like who we choose and not be restricted by gender, then in some cases it isn’t even legally possible for them to do so. With homosexual marital relationship being a political and legal hot potato around the love, marriage and world is even possible for gay couples in some areas, whilst in others it’s still unlawful and so love and marriage in the standard sense is denied.

As the world ends up being a smaller place and people increasingly walk around from country to nation, the variety of cultures doesn’t necessarily mean that mixed marriages are always the method things choose a minority group in any country. Organized marriages are still a strong part of lots of cultures where the parents of a child being raised in a country other than the among their moms and dads’ birth is legally bound to wed somebody of their parents’ choosing– typically still residing in the homeland. For these kids, love and marital relationship is something that they can just dream and hope for, not something that is theirs by.

For these people, marital relationship does not relate to enjoy, and the issue with this kind of marital relationship is that it’s so prevalent that it controls and overshadows how officialdom treats all couples who are attempting to move to one nation or the other in order to be together. For those authentic couples it is the idea of love and marriage that makes them want to provide up all that they are familiar with in order to have a “standard” life of marriage with the individual they have actually fallen in love with.

Morally, there is still a sensation that love and marital relationship is the right way to go therefore there are couples who wed simply to please their parents despite the fact that they feel that they have a strong adequate bond as a couple without a marriage certificate and a couple of gold bands to prove it. Regardless of the reality we live in a society and culture where love and marital relationship is not socially required any longer, there are still some individuals who choose to make this commitment to the person they desire to invest the rest of their life with, and for numerous, love and marital relationship remain securely together and as much a part of the fairytale as the delighted ever after ending the couple hopes for.